In Motion series

    A teacher in Motion: Peter's tale

    “I have a big dream for my son. I myself wish to be an educated man, and I want my son to become one too,” says Peter, a community organizer from Kachin State, internally displaced in Myanmar. 

    In Motion - Dawood's tale, the Flight of Hazaras

    Because of religious and ethnic hatred, Dawood couldn’t finish his education in Pakistan and had to flee to Indonesia. Now, he’s a volunteer teacher at a JRS centre for languages. 

    A student in Motion: Valerie's tale

    Valerie is a 17 year old student from DRC living in South Africa. She wants to become a doctor, specifically a gastroenterologist. She’d like to heal people. But she had to face a variety of barriers trying to access ‪education‬ in Johannesburg.

    A musician in Motion: Tresor's tale

    Tresor is a poet and a musician from DRC living in Malawi. He had to flee his country because of his writing. He has become connected with the art community and has even organized the world's first music festival in a refugee camp, the Tumaini festival.

    In Motion: Rebecca's tale

    Rebecca is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Kampala, Uganda, with her three children. She attended a tailoring class run by the Jesuit Refugee Service and she now has her own business. 

    In Motion: Alino's tale

    Alino is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Kampala, Uganda. In kampala, he teaches English at a JRS school and he is well known as a local rapper. He is hoping for a breakthrough.

    Higher Education Programme: Unlocking Potential

    Through the higher ‪‎education‬ diploma programme in Dzaleka camp, Malawi, Albert worked to improve himself. Together with other ‪‎refugees‬, he has managed to fund an intercultural centre called Salama Africa.

    In Motion: Luwam's tale

    Luwam is a dancer from Eritrea living in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. She is teaching traditional dances at the JRS centre, trying to preserve her people’s culture in exile.

    In Motion: Musa's tale

    Musa is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Kampala, Uganda. He studies carpentry skills at the JRS vocational centre and he is rebuilding his life through education.

    In Motion: Jeannette's tale

    Jeannette is a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Kampala, Uganda. She attended the JRS business class that gave her the skills to start her own business and educate her family.

    World Refugee Day: Open minds, unlock potentials 

    The Living Gospel series

    The Living Gospel - The value of reaching out

    "We need to go where people are, to extend the mercy of God to them, literally to put our mercy in motion." Tom Smolich SJ, JRS International Director, talking about the significance of ‪Pope Francis‬' visit to ‪‎Lesbos‬ and JRS sense of living the Gospel.

    The Living Gospel - A journey of humanity

    The mission to accompany is the basis for JRS work around the world. "We're working together on a journey of humanity, and this is the heart of the Gospel. To me, that's also Pope Francis' message," said David Holdcroft SJ, JRS Southern Africa Regional Director.

    The mercy in motion campaign

    Emmylou Harris shines a light on refugee crisis

    Mercy in Motion - Vatican Radio Conference 10/12/2015

    South Sudan: every day we are here


    Mercy in Motion: Before and after

    We asked Syrian refugee children to draw their life before displacement, during the war, and after they found safety and enrolled in the JRS Jbeil centre in Lebanon. See the difference education can make.

    Mercy in Motion: Providing education, investing in peace

    The average stay in refugee camps or in informal urban settings is 17 years. Access to education can help to prevent an entire “lost generation. JRS aims to implement education programmes serving 100,000 more refugees by 2020.